The Truth in GTA San Andreas.

(The Truth): Born Unknown. Resides in San Andreas. Minor Character in GTA San Andreas.


The Truth smokes a lot of weed and has a mutual friendship with CJ, helped him through the events of GTA San Andreas and was in the party with CJ and Sweet at the end of the game.

Events After GTA San AndreasEdit

(Death Via):

  • (Weed): There is a limit of weed you can sniff before overdosing and the ammount of weed Truth was sniffing he would be beyond dead.
  • (Epsilon Cult): The combine was stolen from the Epsilon Farm so the farmers probably wanted it back, so they hunted it down and killed the person who possessed it in this case being The Truth.

(Possible Arrest); You can only bribe the LSPD so much before they arrest you and the ammount of weed he was in possession of he was probably beyond the point of bribe.

(Death Of Natural Causes): He was at an ld age in 1992 it is likely he is about 70 - 80 and considering his health issues there is a high possibility he's dead.