Mallorie Bardas

Mallorie Bardas in GTA 4.

(Mallorie Bardas): Born 1979, Puerto Rico. Minor Character in GTA 4.


Mallorie Bardas is the determinant wife of Roman Bellic and good friends with Elizabeta Torres until Elizabeta's arrest.

Events Leading Up To GTA 4Edit

(Member of the Colombian Cartel): Like Elizabeta Torres I belive Mallorie isn't Puerto Rican but Colombian which would she also has links with Catalina and due to the fact she resides in Liberty City, Mallorie was probably a member of the Colombian Cartel.

(Murder of Claude): Like Elizabeta Torres being a member of the Colombian Cartel, obviously she was one of the remaining members of the Cartel and would probably be responsible for the death of Claude.

(Rebuild of the Colombian Cartel): In honour of her friend Catalina, Mallorie may of decided to keep the business going with Elizabeta Torres.