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(Claude): Birth unknown in an unknown country. Main protagonist in GTA 3, minor character in GTA San Andreas.


Claude is the main protagonist of GTA 3 and his main intention was to hunt down is former girlfriend Catalina for leaving him for dead during the bank heist, he did so at the end of the game and pursued to kill her successfully, saved her captive Maria Latore and walked away with only a gunshot to leave us wondering why it happened and what was the consequence of that gunshot.

Events after GTA 3Edit

(Death Via):

  • (Carl Johnson/CJ): As explained in CJ's profile CJ hunted down Claude for taking his girl, CJ then found out Catalina had been killed by Claude so CJ killed Claude (Hence the gun shot).
  • (The Remaining Colombian Cartel): Claude killed a lot of the Cartel but probably not all of them so the remaining members hunted down Claude and killed him as an act of revenge (Hence the gun shot).
  • (Common Enemies): Every protagonist has enemies and it is possible that they cught up with Claude.
  • (Cesar Vialpando): Catalina is Cesar's cousin so the minute Cesar was aware of his cousins death he would hunt down the person who was responsible, in this case it was Claude.
  • (Yakuza): Just like with Donald Love, Claude could've been killed by the Yakuza, for killing Kenji Kasen and not giving help to dying leader Asuka Kasen.
  • (Toni Cipriani): Claude killed the don of the Leones, Salvatore Leone leaving the Leones vulnerable and in need of a new boss, although this is unknown who the new boss is the point is Toni Cipriani being an affliation of the Leones probably took revenge

(Possible Arrest): Due to Claude's mass murders the police could of caught up with Claude.

(Migration): With or without Maria Latore, Claude probably fled Liberty City to commit mass murders somewhere else.

(Retirement): Claude had achieved all the goals he had wanted to achieve and maybe decided to settle down away from Liberty City.