Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson/CJ in Gta San Andreas

(Carl Johnson/CJ): Born 1968 San Andreas. Main protagonist on GTA San Andreas.


Carl Johnson was the main protagonist of GTA San Andreas and his main intention was to hunt down the person who killed his mother, it was then confirmed that Ryder and Big Smoke were responsible for his mother's death so CJ killed them. After his goal was complete CJ and Sweet decided to have a party to signify a new start.

Events After GTA San AndreasEdit

  • (Colombian Cartel Involvement): As we all know CJ had a relationship with Colombian Cartel memeber Catalina which didn't last long as in the mission, "Farewell My Love", Catalina dumps CJ for GTA 3 protagonist Claude, due to CJ's reaction he seeemed quite heartbroken despite there messed up relationship so this would cause a rivalry between CJ and Claude.

(In the events of 2001/GTA 3): After Claude had hunted down Catalina for betraying him in the bank heist and apparently killed her it was then Claude saved Maria Latore and walked away.

Although I am aware that there has been some controversey about the gun shots heard at the very end of the game, I believe that CJ was the one with the gun he had hunted down Claude to kill him for taking his girl, then to know Claude killed her so CJ pulled the trigger killing Claude with Maria's fate left unknown.

(Possible Death): Like all the protagonists CJ had a lot of enemies and some of them would of probably caught up with him to have there share of revenge.

(Possible Suicide): CJ has had a very bad life his mothers death, his friends betrayal, his break up, probably when all was done CJ decided to end it leaving Sweet the last remaining Johnson.


  • In my opinion the person on the poster in GTA 4 that apparently resembles CJ rich and wealthy is not CJ.
  • Sweet Johnsons named can be found on a fuse box in an enterable building as "Sweet".